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quinta-feira, 8 de abril de 2010

Lunatic Jazz Sessions #33 with Jota Wagner & Manuel Sahagun

Lunatic Jazz Sessions with Jota Wagner and friends

Every thursday 9pm (gmt-3) with repeats every friday 3pm

Past shows can be downloaded at

Tracklist show – april 8th

1. Monday Comes And Goes (Jota Wagner Vocal mix) – Eight Dimension

2. Man With A Jam Plam (Discofari Remix) – All Good Funk Alliance feat Rubber Johnson - Super Hi-Fi

3. Herbal Cake (The Revenge Rubdown ) – Space Ranger - Lovemonk

4. Flashback 77 (Mathew Bandy Remix) – Greg Campbell – Full Flavour

5. The Argument – Art Of Tones – Room With A View

6. Funky Bassline – Consistent – Boe

7. Melting Machine – Jota Wagner - Conya

8. Final Frontier (James Teejs Revision Control Remix) Kenny Glasgow – Robot

9. Demarkus Lewis – Traibal Sun – Grin Music

Guest Mix of The Week: Manuel Sahagun (Candy Music)

01. Country Gents – Masterchef

02. Giom – In Love

03. The Candy Dealers & Alexander East – Watching You (Original Mix)

04. Manuel Sahagun – R2D2

05. Little Man Big – Slam Dunk It

06. Jaramillo & Bastien – So Saxy (Original Mix)

07. Homero Espinosa – Don’t Go Too Low (Dave Miller Remix)

08. Claude Monnet & Torre Bros – Got To Move On (Original Mix)

09. Bang Bang – Love Insurance (Hector Moralez Remix)

10. Jay West & Ingrid Hakanson – Funny Things (Ronan Remix)

11. Roland Nights – Phazz (Vernon & DaCosta Remix)

segunda-feira, 5 de abril de 2010

Chainsaw - Q-Burns Abstrac Message (com remixes de Jota Wagner e Ajello)

Artist: Q-Burns Abstract Message

Release Title: Chainsaw

Remixes by: Ajello, Jota Wagner


Catalog Number: 8TR009

Q-Burns Abstract Message - Chainsaw (EIGHT-TRACKS - 8TR009)


1. Chainsaw (Analog Version)

2. Chainsaw (Ajello Remix)

3. Chainsaw (Loose Version)

4. Chainsaw (Jota Wagner Remix)

5. Chainsaw (Balearic Version)

Chainsaw (EIGHT-TRACKS - 8TR009) by Q-Burns Abstract Message

A dark, foreboding stillness, thick fog through the treetops, a mysterious cabin in the woods, and an ominous force within. This imagery obliquely provided inspiration to Q-Burns Abstract Message for his debut EP on EIGHT-TRACKS, "Chainsaw." The title refers to a climactic scene in an infamous American low-budget horror movie. Incidentally, it might also reference how Q-BAM almost took a chainsaw to his studio equipment while creating this track. The Analog Version was meant to be recorded almost entirely with vintage hardware but as the session commenced the Juno-106 started sputtering, the tape on the Chorus Echo snapped, the circuits on the ASR-10 gave off an odor like burnt candle wax, and so on.

Circumventing such ghosts in the machinery, this version of "Chainsaw" ends up a rambunctious and quirky house builder complete with filtered beats, a pounding bassline, squelchy guitar hits, and a buzzing chainsaw synth melody. Like many Q-Burns Abstract Message tracks "Chainsaw" sits firmly between several house music micro-genres while affirming the frenzied accident of its creation.

Q-Burns Abstract Message follows this with two radically self-remixed versions. The first, a Loose Version, attempts to take the American fright flick impetus and move it to a more Italian, Argento-inspired location. The tempo is reduced to a lurching slink and some analog remnants are applied, including juicy spring reverb bass stabs. Haunted pianos and spooky synth strings abound. Next, Q-BAM's Balearic Version attempts a resolution; the ending credits theme, perhaps. Here a breezy and vibrant Spanish-guitar led rendition closes out the EP on an uplifting note.

Suddenly, a pair of remixers were selected who were thought to be in tune with "Chainsaw"'s off-kilter motif. The Italian duo Ajello burst forth with a synth-powered disco revelation that takes the sinister overtone and boldly throws it towards the dancefloor. São Paulo's rising house music talent Jota Wagner also tackles the theme with a funky confidence. His steadily evolving remix piles on layers of melody and rhythm, at one point giving way to a demonic cackle. Mysterious business throughout.

Q-Burns Abstract Message's "Chainsaw" introduces a busy year for the seasoned electronic music producer. In addition to his constant stream of remixes and DJ work Q-BAM is currently recording a follow-up EP as well as his long-awaited album project. Keep watching for more to come from Q-Burns Abstract Message and EIGHT-TRACKS

What they can be heard saying:

Al Bradley (Bugged Out, UK) - "The Analog Version of this is far & away the track of the year so far for me, quite simply stunning. All the hallmarks of one of 'those' tracks that everyone plays from deep to house to garage to techno DJs, it's just TOO good to not play it. The Loose mix is a belter too - how can one track be two such absolute belters? Q-BAM on fire here."

Kraak & Smaak - "Great stuff from Ajello, the one to watch this year! Putting it in our new DJ mix as we speak."

Luke Solomon (Freaks, UK) - "Loving the Analog Version jam, man. It's super-killer."

The Revenge (UK) - "I'm liking the Loose Version."

Alf Tumble (Bangana / Sumo) - "A quality pack right up my street. Can't choose a favorite between Ajello's hooror-late-night-style or the Balearic Version. Well done, amigos."

Llorca (Art Of Tones, France) - "Wow... Ajello remix is HOT! I like the Analog Version, too."

Joey Silvaro (Distant People, UK) - "The Loose Version has some serious bass ... it nearly blew me out of my chair!"

Richie Hartness (Untitled Music Blog) - "The ghostly Ajello Remix jumps out of this EP for me - haunted chords and a wicked bassline. The Loose Version has a odd-ball electro heartbeat that's really appealing and the Balearic Version is just too damn sexy with keys and electronics fusing on a sandy beach somewhere just after sunset."

Checkpoint Charlie (MyCuppaT Blog) - "Brilliant, crazy, wonkiness! Love it! There's real energy in all of the tracks; powerful and purposful. The Ajello has wonderful deep undertones, as does the more laid back Loose version. Jota Wagner is back to the naughty, devilish side. Pounding kick, spiralling synth... madness! The Balearic Version takes off in another direction all together - nice breakbeat combination with the crazy synth. Yeah... this is the one! Great package!"

Available right now exclusively from Beatport.